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Plan Tomorrow Contest!

Want a chance to win cash and prizes? Watch this video to enter the contest!

Instructions for Contest:

  1. Like the Plan Tomorrow Facebook Page
  2. Create your unboxing video
  3. Post your unboxing video publicly on your Facebook profile and tag our Facebook page!

Tips for creating a great unboxing video:

  • Lighting. Find a room with adequate light and take a sample video in the direction the box will be. Review and adjust as needed. 
  • Sound. Find a room or area that has the least amount of background noise as possible. Distracting noises will only detract from the video and you so be sure to pick a good spot. Carpet and drapes are your friend for absorbing sound around you.
  • Speak Slowly And Clearly. You may be excited and want to rush through the process, we understand its exciting! While you don't want to come across as a robot be sure to speak clearly so we can hear all the interesting things you have to say.
  • Keep Your Camera Steady. We have all seen those shaky camera videos before getting sea sick, don't be that one. If you have someone who can hold the camera great, you can even star in the video. If not a tripod or selfie stick will work wonders, I have even propped my phone on a cardboard box, whatever works to keep it steady
  • Be yourself! Friends and those watching want to see and hear what YOU think about our product. Your personal style, accent, word choice, humor, and point of view


Want to see a good Unboxing Video? Watch Steph's Video Below! 


This months prize is: $100